25 March 2014 @ 06:46 pm

Hello all!
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11 February 2014 @ 03:02 am
Title: Body Issues
Pairing: EdxAl
Rating: PG13
Timeline: Al has his body.
Words: 296
Summary: Ed enjoys staring at Al.  Apparently, Al doesn't know why.
AN: For anotherfmafan

Why do you keep looking at me like that?

24 December 2013 @ 11:54 am
Type of Fanwork (Fiction): Built For Sin Chapter 19 (Three Parts Due To Chapter Being Too Large For One Post)
Previous Chapter:
18 [Part 1]Collapse )
18 [Part 2]Collapse )
18 [Part 3]Collapse )
Author: Phenobarbital
Pairing: Elricest (Ed/Al)
Genre: Drama/Angst
Rating: NC 17
Warnings: Language/MalexMale/Incest/Non-Fluff
Verse: Post Manga, Deviation From Canon
Summary: Alphonse discovers he's twisted the love he feels for his brother into something he knows is wrong, the feelings he has are starting to make him sick. Its all he can do to tell Edward, so he does. They thought they'd paid for their mistakes but find themselves back at square one, playing with sin...

Chapter 19 [Part 1]Collapse )
Chapter 19 [Part 2]Collapse )

Chapter 19 [Part 3]Collapse )
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