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Taboo revisited ;)

Surprise, surprise! I actually wrote it! I didn't plan on doing this, but I read a fic that reminded me of this fic, so I decided to do it anyway. I liked writing this, it was such a change from my other fic cause it's more happy. *Yay* I love writing happiness for Ed and Al. I hope you all like it!

Title: Taboo-Epilogue
Author: Frankie_the_cat
Pairing: Elricest
Rating: R (maybe?)
Warnings: No smut :( sorry
Summary: "I'm not sure, but I think Winry was trying to ask me about our sex life or something!"

It is the lifestyle both choose to live, the lifestyle both embrace happily. Nothing can change what has happened now that they have made that final step across the threshold. And even if they could change it, both know they wouldn't. Not with the happiness they had found together. They didn't care that they were living a lie, no one suspected that the two were lovers. Who would? All they cared about was living. Living together. Living happily. Living a Taboo.

One month later

Epilogue 1

"The shop looks great Winry!" Alphonse complimented, enjoying the place's change of decoration as he washed dishes along side her.

"Thanks Al!" Winry exclaimed, "I thought it was time to give it a facelift, thought I should move on you know."

Al did know, his old friend had mourned her grandmothers passing for a long time. News of the famous automail engineer's death had spread all over Amestries, causing Winry to receive many letters in the mail. Automail engineers from all over the country told her stories of how Pinako's automail was the best they'd ever seen, and how they strived to match her talent. They also sent generous donations to help Winry buy new tools and equipment.

Edward shuffled into the kitchen from the back room, tired from rearranging it's desk's and special automail repair chairs. "Phew, that stuff is HEAVY! And it doesn't help that I wasted all my energy earlier, carrying those stupid packages from the post office, WINRY!" He scolded his friend.

"Oh quite your whining! Just be happy you had Al to help you out. I can't imagine how hard it would have been for someone as small as you to carry those boxes all by himself." She smirked.


"No one said that!" Both Alphonse and Winry reminded the fuming midget.

"Oh forget you Winry. I'm going home, you commin Al?"

"Not yet, I have to help Winry finish washing these dishes."

"Suit yourself, see ya at home." Edward stomped out of the house to the sound of muffled laughter.

"I can't believe he still reacts like that after all these years." Winry told her dish washing buddy. "I mean if he really cared so much why didn't he just ask you to make him taller when you restored his body?" She joked.

"Heh, heh. Yeah." Alphonse agreed fondly. He was happy now, more happy than he had been in years. Over the month since he and his brother had started their 'Relationship' (Al felt awkward calling it that) he had fallen even more madly in love with Ed than before. 'If that's even possible.' Al joked to himself.

The two friends sat in silence as they finished washing their dishes. Winry thought to herself in the quiet, thinking about the two brothers she loved. 'I would have never guessed in a million years that this is how we'd all turn out when I was younger. Well, I guess I had an idea when I found out how Ed felt for Al. And now look at them, they're in LOOOOOVE. It's funny really, they think they hide it so well. Idiots! About that...I think I'll have some fun.'

Winry glanced over at Alphonse, who currently had a small smile on his face and blushing cheeks. 'No doubt thinking about Ed.' She smirked evilly as she sneakily asked her question. "So have you and Ed been doing?"

Alphonse snapped out of his daydream, looking at the questioner "What?"

"You and Ed. How have you two been lately?"

"What do you mean?"

"'s your relationship?"

Al froze immediately, 'What the! Is she talking about what I think she's talking about?'

"Uh...I don't know what you mean Winry." Alphonse replied sheepishly.

'He is such a terrible liar. Look at his face!', "You know, how are you and Ed going together."

'OMG,OMG,OMG! Does she know!? How could she!? Stupid idiot brother! He must have said something! Quick, think of something to say...', Al put on the best 'I'm Not Panicking' face, "Uh, good...I know...cause we ARE brothers...and that's all...just brothers...nothing more............brothers."

'Oh this is hilarious!' Winry thought, as she tried her hardest not to laugh. "Good, I thought you two would be doing good together as brothers. are the other aspects of your relationship?"

'What! DOES SHE KNOW OR NOT! IS SHE TOYING WITH ME?!', "Um, I don't know what your talking about Winry. you're not making any sense."

"Oh come on Al, you know what I'm talking about." Winry nudged his shoulder affectionately, "Don't be shy."

Winry would have had to call the ambulance if it weren't for Alphonse's strong will to keep his heart beating. "D-don't be s-shy about what W-Winry?" His face was on FIRE!

Just as Winry was about to continue torturing Alphonse, the water from the sink had began to overflow, splashing to the floor. "Oh crap!" Winry exclaimed taking her eyes off of Al.

As soon as Al saw his opportunity, he took it. "Oh-so-sorry-about-that-Winry,look-at-the-time-better-get-going-see-ya!" He pronounced it in one long word as he flew out of the house at breakneck speeds.

Winry nearly died of laughter after Al left that night.

Epilogue 2

"BROTHER!" A very angry Alphonse exclaimed as he burst through the front door to his house. "WHERE ARE YOU!?" He said as he looked around.

"I'm in the shower Al." Ed's voice muffled by the bathroom door. "I'll be out in a minute."

Alphonse soon found his way to the bathroom door, clapping his hands loudly and placing them to the door.

"Aaaagh" Ed shrieked as the door loudly shattered into hundreds of pieces and flew across the room. If it weren't for the shower curtain he would have been impaled! "WHAT THE F..."

"BROTHER!" Al yelled as he violently yanked the curtain open, finding a very shocked Ed. "What did you tell Winry!?"

"W-what?" Ed replied as he huddled into the back of the tub and out of the waters path.

"What did you tell Winry?!" The raging teen repeated.

"What do you mean!? Tell her about what!?" He was honestly confused.

"I'm not sure, but I think Winry was trying to ask me about our sex life or something!"

Edwards eyes grew wide. " life? As in the sex you and I have?" To Al's great surprise, Ed sounded rather calm.

"Yes OUR sex life!"

"So your telling me, Winry just asked 'How's the sex between you and Ed'?" The older asked, confusion on his face.

" exactly. But it was something about us being together, that's for sure!"

"Oh...then what are you worried about?"

If it weren't for Al's strong will to keep his brother living because he loved him so much, Ed would have been six feet under in no time. "...what do you mean 'What am I worried about'?" He mocked his brother. "Winry KNOWS about US!"

"Yeah, you gotta hand it to her, she is one perceptive little..." Edward decided not to finish that statement, the thought of a flying wrench had entered his mind. "Any way, I guess we were being to obvious or something."

Alphonse didn't believe his ears, 'They must have gotten messed up in the transmutation! Why is he so calm about this!?', "Ed, I don't think your hearing me right, so I'll repeat it too you. Winry knows that we have an incestuous relationship and she knows that you and 'IT'."

"I heard you the first time, and...I thought you didn't care if society knew about us remember."

"...well yeah, I don't care if SOCIETY knew about us. But this is WINRY, not some stranger! What if she thinks we're disgusting!" Alphonse said worriedly.

"Al I don't think she would have asked you about our sex life together if she thought it was disgusting." Edward pointed out.

" think she doesn't care...and that she'll love us either way?" The younger Elric asked innocently.

"I don't think...I KNOW." Ed replied matter-of-factly.

" know? How do you 'Know'?" Alphonse asked, suspecting his brother wasn't telling him something. 'He has to be keeping something from me. No way would he act this calm if he had just found out Winry knew about us, like me.'

Edward suddenly looked very nervous, as he rubbed the back of his head, "Uh, well you see Al...I sorta...kinda...knew that Winry knows about us...heh, heh" He offered a sheepish grin.

"You WHAT! You knew Winry knew, and you didn't tell me! IDIOT BROTHER!" Al yelled as he punched his brother, knocking the grin right off his face.

"Ow! AL!" Ed whined holding his nose.

"How long has she KNOWN!" Al demanded.

"Jeez Al, you didn't have to hit me!"

"How LONG!"

"Ugh..." Ed grunted, he knew Al wasn't going to like his answer. "...not that long, she found out a little while ago."

"How 'Little'?" Al glared.

" know.......................about a month...."

"A MONTH!" Another fist was slammed into Ed's nose, "Thats how long we've been together! You mean to tell me she knew since the beginning?!"

"CRAP AL, would you stop hitting me in the nose!"

"OKAY!" Al connected again, this time to Ed's beautiful golden eye."


"How did she find out!? Did you tell her or something, like some excited little school girl with a crush!"


"Oh shut up, I didn't mean it that way!"

Edward pouted, although it looked strange with a swollen nose and black eye. "Ugh...okay look, I didn't tell her that we were together, okay. She just figured it out."

"But how could she have just 'figured it out', she must have known something?" Alphonse asked accusingly.

Ed did not want to tell Al this, but he had to now, 'Damn it Al, why do you have to be so persistent.', "A few years ago, when Winry told me how she felt for me. I told her I was gay, but...thats not all we talked about..."

"...and...?" The anxious teen urged on.

"...well...Winry asked me if I was attracted to someone...but I didn't want to tell her it was you...but it didn't matter cause she guessed it, and since then she's always known."

Alphonse starred at his brother, surprised. Two things dawned upon him then, 'So Winry knew about Ed the entire time. Then she must have known what was going on between brother and I this whole time. Ugh, I feel like such a fool!' Then the second, and more important thing hit him, 'I didn't know brother had feelings for me that long ago.' Alphonse felt a surge of love and compassion for his brother then. The realization of his brother's longing for him for all those years throwing all his anger out the window.


"Yeah Al?"

"How long have you loved me?"

Ed knew what kind of love Al was talking about. It was the love only Ed could feel for Al, and the love only Al could feel for Ed. Even if it was a forbidden love. "Since the day I first lay eyes upon you."

Al smiled softly, extremely touched by his brother's words. "Your such a sap brother." Al hugged his beloved tightly, although it felt awkward since it was over the edge of the bath tub.

Then the two realized something they had completely forgotten about. Before Al had barged in so rudely, hadn't Ed been taking a shower?

Backing away, Alphonse saw that Ed indeed was very...VERY...naked. Al's face began to burn with the intensity of the sun.

Noticing Al's facial expression, Ed suddenly smiled mischievously, "Say, Al. I didn't really get too far into my shower before you blasted your way in. And seeing as how I'm so tired from todays work at the shop, it's gonna be hard for me to get all lathered up by myself...wanna help?"

Al's cloths were quickly transmuted to shreds that night.

Epilogue 3

'You can do this Al, just go in there and ask her if it's true.' The nervous boy thought to himself, as he stood outside the shop's front door. 'I mean, it's Winry we're talking about here, not teacher!' Al shuddered at the thought of what would happen to him if Izumi did find out about his relationship with Ed. 'It would probably involve lots of pain.'

Hesitantly he grabbed the door knob, but quickly let go and made to leave instead, but just as he was about to step away from the door it flung open. "...Al? What are you doing?" The confused shop owner questioned, "It's Saturday, you don't have to come in for work."

Alphonse spun around to greet his friend, a blush spreading across his face, "Oh, hi Winry! It's Saturday? Really? Oh darn, I guess I'll be going back home then. Bye!"

The boy tried to make a dash for his home, but Winry's long arms caught his collar just in time, "Wait a minute Al, you weren't here for work, were you?"


Winry sighed loudly, 'Maybe I went a bit over board last night?', "Get in here Al, I want to talk to you."

He didn't like her tone, and he was afraid to step into the house. 'Get a grip Alphonse, this is just Winry. She isn't going to tell you your disgusting or anything. Brother said so...right?'

The two took seats on the living room sofa, with Winry at one end, and Alphonse squashed at the other. Winry could see how nervous he was, 'He's probably afraid I'll say something mean.'


"Yes W-winry." He tried his best to sound calm, but he couldn't.

"I guess I'll be blunt about this...I know about you and Ed."

"...I...I know you do..."

"So then why are you so afraid?"

"It's just...don't you find it strange or something?"

"Not anymore."

Alphonse blinked at her, "No anymore? So you mean, at one time you did think it was weird?" That's what he feared.

"I'll be honest Al, It was a bit hard to accept it at first. And it didn't make it any easier since I had fallen in love with Ed. But eventually I realized it didn't bother me."

"So don't think we're d-disgusting?" Al choked a little on that last word, afraid his friend would say that she once thought they were.

"Of course I don't think you two are disgusting. How could I, you're like brother's to me."

Al thought for a moment, "...but why? Why do you accept us so easily. I mean, if anyone else knew, they'd probably chase us out of resembool with torches."

Winry laughed a little at the idea, "Well, sometimes I still can't believe that you two are together like that. But then I remind my self of something I realized after Ed told me he was gay and all."

"And what's that Winry?"

"Well, when I really thought about it, I came to find that you and Ed are perfect together."

"Perfect?" The boy raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah perfect, in all the years I've known you two, I've never met any two people as close as you guys. You two complete each other, think about it Al, If you weren't around Ed would be a convicted murderer. He'd be the only person in prison who killed because he was called short." They both chuckled a bit, it was probably true. "And you Al, if it weren't for Ed, you'd probably be living alone with about three hundred cats!" She joked.

"Hey that's not funny." Al pouted, but he wasn't seriously mad, it was a funny thing to think about.

"Look Al, the way I see it, you two have gone through more crap than most people three times you're age! You two didn't deserve anything that happened to you, and it really hurt me to see you always suffering." Alphonse thought back, and it was true, their past did seem a bit unfair. "It's all about Equivalent Exchange, you two went through so much stuff, and I figure...if the both of you are happy together...then you deserve it. All I want is for you two to be happy, the world owes it to you.

The words brought tears to his eyes, as Alphonse fondly smiled at his friend, "Thanks Winry."

"You're welcome Alphonse."

Al scooted across the sofa and gave her an affectionate hug. Now that he thought about it, he kind of liked that Winry knew their secret. Now he had someone to talk to about it other than Ed.

"Talking about you two, where's the other half?" Winry joked as she pulled away softly.

"Oh, Ed? He's still sleeping."

"Still? It's almost noon."

"Yeah I know, he must have been really tired from yesterday."

Winry smirked, 'I think I'll have a bit more fun now.', "From yesterday Alphonse? Or last night?"

Alphonse blushed furiously, "Winry!"

She laughed, "Oh come on Al. Give me the juicy details! Is Ed a good kisser!?"

"A lady never asks, and a gentleman never tells."

Winry pouted, "Fine be that way...I'll just ask Ed how you are in bed. I'm sure he'll tell me everything."

Alphonse's eyes grew, "HE WOULDN'T!"

"Oh, I bet he would!"

"Your an evil, evil lady Winry. You know that."

She sniggered, "Aren't I?"

Winry and Alphonse talked for a long time, about many things. And when Alphonse finally went home he found Ed reading a book under the tree. He settled in behind Ed, holding him in his arms as he read over his shoulder.

It was then that he knew, he and Ed were going to be okay. There would be no more dangerous adventures, no more life threatening fights, No more uncertainty between them. It would just be he and his brother, Alphonse and Edward.

They were happy again, like when they were little kids, and somehow they knew that they always would be. For they were living a Taboo, and they couldn't care less.

And there you have it, the end! *Does happy dance* I'm happy to finish the story properly, it makes me feel all giggly. :)

OH and I know I said there would be smut in it, and there obviously isnt. *Heh,heh* DON'T HATE ME PLEASE! I just couldn't figure out a way to include it, without making it feel like I was going off topic. But I have an idea.

I've noticed that there haven't been very many smut fics lately. So I was wondering, I would love it if anyone wanted to write a smut fic based on Taboo! I mean, you can do anything, like write about what happened in the shower, or what they did in the month since the last chapter was set. The possibilities are endless! Of course no one has to, I just think it would be fun. And I'll give everyone who does it *Hugs* ;)

(If this isn't allowed for some reason or another, although I don't see why not, I'll delete it.)

Thanks for reading!:)
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