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ELRICEST; sinking with this ship

sing for my brother who keeps me sane

Elricest Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated


This is the Elricest Community! This community is for the posting of slash fanfiction, fanart, or discussion dedicated to the romantic/sexual pairing of Edward and Alphonse Elric from the series Fullmetal Alchemist or Hagane no Renkinjutsushi. Please note that there may be adult material posted here and we're not responsible if you choose to view something inappropriate.


  1. Respect Others. In this community there is no spamming, trolling, flaming, stirring up trouble, wanking or being disrespectful to other users. Trolling shall be defined as a) creating a journal deliberately to cause wank/stir up trouble b) coming into the community with the goal of creating controversy or attacking a poster c) using offensive or derogatory language to attack an individual or group. Posts whose main or only purpose is hate-speech or derogatory attacks shall be considered trolling. Offensive or harmful language that is inappropriate for a public forum will not be tolerated.
  2. No Spam. Spamming is a) when you post content-less entries ('content' being defined as on-topic posts related to the subject of said public forum) or b) when you post more than one message daily instead of digesting them together. Combine multiple posts into longer digests. People caught spamming will either be banned or have their posting access removed. All entries must have some sort of content pertaining to Elricest and must contain relevant, useful and actual content.
  3. Use the LJ-Cut. To keep the community work, school, friends list and dial-up friendly, we ask that long posts or posts containing pictures go under the LJ-cut. So, when posting, use the cut. All pictures MUST be behind an LJ-cut. Posts that are left uncut will be deleted and replaced with a placeholder post in twenty-four hours. If you don't know how to make an LJ-cut, copy and past the section below into your post and replace the part that says "YOUR POST" with your entry.

  4. Minors are not permitted to view NC-17/R Rated material. This community may contain NC-17 or R rated material. If it is illegal in your state or country for someone of your age to view such material, it is expected for you to adhere to these laws. This community does not tolerate minors viewing explicit material. ALL NC-17/R RATED MATERIAL must be put under an lj-cut and appropriately labeled. A friends lock to the community is not required, but is suggested. Any minor found to be viewing, commenting, posting or discussing said material is subject to an immediate ban.
  5. This is not an adding community. Please don't make any posts in the comm. directly asking to have everyone add you to their friends list. Use comments.
  6. Memories. If you do NOT want your fanfiction or fanart logged in the memories, mention it in the post and it won't be.
  7. Don't Advertise. Please don't advertise for other communities or for e-bay items that are not ON TOPIC. Advertising includes role-playing advertisements, community advertisements, advertisements for sales and web-site advertisements. This is NOT an advertising community. By advertising or posting off-topic posts, you run the risk of having your posting access removed or being banned. We suggest that anyone seeking to advertise in this community please contact the moderators and we will place a link to your community or advertisement in the User Info of our own community. Please do not make posts solely for directing people to your journal for the purpose of selling/advertising mediums that may later be up for purchase. Please respect that this is not an advertising community. Advertisements posting links to scanlated doujinshi or stolen artwork will also not be tolerated.
  8. Stay on Topic. Please, stay on topic. This is an Edward/Alphonse slash community ONLY.
  9. Pairings. While it does say that this community is for Elricest (which in theory would be anyone Elric related) this community focuses on the relationship between Edward and Alphonse. We ask that no posts with Trisha, Hohenheim, or any other character related in the pairing be posted here. Multiple pairings or threesomes are fine but the main focus must be on Edward and Alphonse.
  10. Direct Posts to Proper Venues. Posts unrelated to elricest should be directed to other community such as fm_alchemist.
  11. FMA Slash Icons/Graphics. Post away. If you're posting thirty, use the cut. Posting with uncredited icons or posting icon batches from stolen fanwork will result in a ban.
  12. Fanart. Stolen fan-art is not permitted in this community. Link to the artist's web-site if you want to show something. If you want to post icons with fan-art in them, be prepared to have proof that you have the artist's permission. Not giving credit will be cause for ban. This includes doujinshi where the scanner, scanslator or circle has not been credited.

_________________________#other policies?

  • Offensive Material Policy.
    • This community may contain offensive material that is considered adult. If you are underage in your state, province or country, the community requires that you leave. Any minor found commenting, posting, accessing or referencing adult material will be subject to a ban.
    • This community takes no responsibility for anything that you choose to view. All posts must be appropriately labeled with warnings and ratings.
    • Please skip adult material or material with warnings, pairings, or summaries that you may find offensive.

  • Underage Minors Policy.
    • This community may contain some adult material but is not solely for the posting of adult fanworks. As such, minors are permitted to view, post or comment on only G, PG, or PG-13 entries.
    • Any minor found viewing, posting, referencing, noting or commenting on any R or NC-17 fanwork, discussion, or other entry will be subject to an immediate ban. Posting is defined as a community entry, post, comment or e-mail to an author or moderator and 'counts' in either the entry itself or another referenced entry.

  • Material Rating Policy
    • This community currently uses a rating system of G, PG, PG-13, and NC-17. It is not endorsed, sponsored, approved or affiliated with the MPAA. Some of the definitions of the ratings may be different on the MPAA's rating web-site than on this community. Currently, this community uses Touka Koukan's rating system.

This community has a lot of rules and guidelines designated to encourage harmony. If you can think of something that should be added, e-mail Sockren.

_________________________#posting guidelines?

Fanworks of all kinds may be posted to this community. Discussion, art, fanfic, music videos and all kinds of creative processes are encouraged. To help make it easier to post, we ask that people use the following format to encourage a form that everyone can follow and find easy to read.

Type of Fanwork (Fiction/Art): TITLE OF FANWORK
Author: username
Rating: Use This Rating System
Summary: A quote from the fanfiction.
An LJ-Cut or Link/Fake Cut to the Work

Please respect those posting their work to the community. If you wish your work NOT to be archived in the memories, please list so in your author's notes.



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